YES WE CANNIBAL will be hosting a screening + discussion with EMILY AND COOPER AT THE MEAT MEET SALON!

Sunday Jan 22 5:00 eastern /4:00 central
IN PERSON AT 1600 Government Street, Baton Rouge

*Please note: you need a Twitch account to participate in the conversation. You can sign up here for Twitch.

MEAT MEET SALON SERIES runs most Sundays from 4-6pm/central. YWC hosts musicians, philosophers, authors, film makers, performances and artist talks. There is no paywall for any of our events. 

YES WE CANNIBAL is an artist run project space that understands arts praxis as experiments in living. Located at 1600 Government Street, we have a gallery that hosts exhibitions, performances, community feeds and other events. We are also home to a mutual aid community fridge, a food forest, and a cannibal reading room. We rely on your help to remain that way.  Please consider supporting YWC via Patreon.


Yes We Cannibal is an anti-profit institution for experimental art and social practice.

Yes We Cannibal
1600 Government Street, Baton Rouge