March 20
Film-Makers Cooperative, NYC

Compiled by Devon Narine-Singh and Liz Roberts from the collection of Film-Makers Cooperative.

Being Fucked Up (2001) 10:00 – Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby

Bitch Beauty (2011) 7:00 – MM Serra

Medication (2007) 3:00 – Anne Hanavan

Six Jaguars (2021), 4:45, Michael Love Michael 

I Woke Up in the Mud and Picked Up a Camera for Jonas (2019) 13:00 – Devon Narine-Singh

Liz Roberts pre-recorded introduction to her film.

A list of Things That Make the Heart Beat Faster (1996) 11:00 – Liz Roberts 16mm print

Glimpses of Garden, Marie Menken (1957) 5:00 16mm print

The Infernal Grove is an artist group focusing on those who have a lived history of substance use and various relations to sobriety. Grove and FMC members Liz Roberts and Devon Narine-Singh have put together a wide range of FMC’s collection surveying addiction and recovery, with a particular eye towards the communities of the Lower East Side. This program is an unflinching and honest look of artists processing their lived experiences and speaks to FMC’s original mission statement of wanting films that “are not rosy, but are the color of blood” (J.M.) This screening also holds space for those in recovery to have a cathartic dialogue around these issues and centers the community values key to FMC’s mission.